Mixtape of the Lost Decade

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Of those who remember, some reveal our secret history through unusual media such as fashionable tumblogs and private filesharing forums. By sharing elements of an intricate and rigorous symbology drawn from the lost decade, this cabal works quietly to prepare us to learn the truth and its astonishing consequences.


Hmm. And then there’s this (courtesy of the Museum of Jurassic Technology): “Obliscence, Theories of Forgetting and the Problem of Matter”


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I tried but Time Cube made more sense than that

How could it be a revelation if it made sense? :slight_smile:

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VH1 needs to make “I love the 19A0s.”


Nostalgia is a helluva drug!

I suppose in the terms presented by Rob’s piece, if I’m reading it right, all “decades” are “lost.” Memory chunks units of passed/past time into self-serving blocks that can only reflect the actual past imperfectly, both what happened and how long it actually took.

As for the 19A0s, as those videos especially show for me, however lost those years are, they did inspire some fun work later (even though it’s all so white!).

Thanks for describing that Röyksopp video as an embodiment of “the intermediary nature of memory.” So apt is that description that it will now serve as an intermediary between myself and the video whenever I watch it again.


oh man, that’s giving my stereo a real workout. Wish my speakers were flat to lower than 60 Hz, though.

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