MMA fighter bullies his way into getting knocked out in 20 seconds


I really hope Ronda Rousey posts to the AMA to ask “20 seconds? WTF took you so long?”


I SUPER hate MMA as well as a small boatload of other blood sports, but man oh man, do I love a good short sudden shot of karma when delivered directly into a douchebag. Plus, the gentleman who did the afore-mentioned karma delivery seemed like a nice fellow. Love his smile at weirdo’s odd unnecessary aggression, which came off like it was like the Idina Menzel / Travolta face-hold of MMA photo ops.


AMA link is horked. Video link 404s as well.

There’s so much tension in the air… I think more of those standoff moments should end like this:

Of course, they have the wrong attitude about it. Really it should be more like this:


From this awesome reddit post of an armchair analyst.


Nice. Really Nice.

I’ve seen a few gay porno’s that start they way.


The video link doesn’t work for me - the ‘-nocookie’ part of the URL seems to be the culprit.
Also link to the Reddit leads to a 404 page on BoingBoing.

But but… He has tattoos on his face!!!

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That’s the saddest part of all. Not only can’t he fight, but now he can’t go get work as an accountant. I guess there’s always bouncing.

EDIT: Wow, he almost said the same thing himself: ““I’ve got nothing else. I’ve got nothing else. You don’t make no money in this sport, you don’t eat in this sport, you don’t get fucking nothing in this sport.”


The AMA is worth reading… the guy is exactly who you think he is the moment he rolls his eyes and smiles at the antics of the side-show guy.

He even has a cat named Tofu.

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And this is why I miss Pride so much. It had none of this crap. The competitors always had nothing but respect for one another and their skills. Once UFC bought it out it became nothing more than another version of WWF.

That is just the cutest. Ha ha, you smiled!

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