Mobile World Congress canceled, coronavirus made it “impossible” to hold the event - GSMA

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Goddammit. I missed the last two years and was finally all set to attend.

Welp, they called it.
I’ll show myself out.

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Being a Barcelonian, I guess I am pretty pissed about this. Not because they are cancelling the event, which I never liked, but the lame excuses.

This weekend the ISE Netherlands is celebrating. Is a mobile event. In Europe. Chinese companies will be there. And no one cancelled. It’s a much smaller event, granted, but anyway.

I’m going to put my tinfoil hat now, if you don’t mind, and spin a bit of far-fetched paranoid tale:

I think the reason all these companies stopped attending is because the MWC guest of honor was Huawei, and USA did not liked it much, and pressured the companies to not attend with the excuse of “chinese people have the cooties”.

Tinfoil hat off.

Sorry for the rant, I needed to vent it off :slight_smile:


God… Corona really is a problem huh.
I can’t imagine the damage it’s doing in China tho, in stead of cancelling events they cancel production etc…
I haven’t been around long enough to live through an epidemic disaster like this one before and it’s freaking me out

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