It's official: Comi-Con is canceled this year

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And no one paying attention should be remotely surprised. For big events like this it’s actually surprising they hadn’t already canceled.


Yeah, but still lots of people think GenCon will not be canceled (I think they are not paying attention either).

I think most people don’t understand the lead times that go into doing a big event like this. My fathers quadrenial choir festival was cancelled. Even if things are open by the festival time none of the performers will be ready. Pretty hard to rehearse a choir during social distancing times.

Unfortunately the hotels and venues don’t get it and want to exercise the cancellation clauses in their contracts. That is their right but it just means the organizing group will declare bankruptcy and go out of business which will put future business at risk.


Yep, I assume big events that are not as yet canceled are waiting until a stay-at-home order gets extended into the event time frame so they can cancel without penalty (or with an improved chance their lawyers can argue the penalty away). Or if stay-at-home orders are lifted they are waiting to see if a limit on gathering sizes prevent the event so they can still cancel without penalty.

That however is my assumption, organizers of events may be more “optimistic” about being allowed to have events. I’m not a mind reader.

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Yeah, when the Game Developer’s Conference was “rescheduled” from March to this summer, at the same time that other summer game industry events were being canceled, that was inexplicable to me. It’s clear that, for at least the next 12-18 months, big events just aren’t going to happen (and may, in fact, be outright banned by local authorities). It’s possible that, in GDC’s case, rescheduling avoided a cancellation clause until such a point as a ban would get them off the hook, but they kept talking about next year’s event, which also clearly isn’t going to happen. Everyone is being so weirdly optimistic, even in the face of the evidence.

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“Everyone stay home to save lives. Oh, and we’re also cancelling Comi-Con.”



Nyet! Comrads, Comi Con vill live insk all our heartsk

Hey, as long as people post their costumes online and there are movie trailers on youtube, I’ll be happy. I haven’t been able or really wanted to go to one in years, but it does my heart good to see the fan made costumes.


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