Detailed FanCon Post-Mortem

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I don’t think I really understand how to parse twitter. So the collapse of the event was an inside job, distribution of incompetence and malice unknown (though name associated with past con cons noted); and everyone involved scuttled away like cockroaches and started deflecting blame as quickly as possible.

Aside from the determination that the failure was internal and the response shameful did I miss anything on where the money went or how the project went off the rails?


From what I gather, the organizers are trying to shift blame to the hotels, which is being refuted, and refuse to disclose why they cancelled the con or where the money raised went. At least one organizer was later linked to several past failed cons. Whether it was misspent or pocketed, the general anger appears to be over the lack of disclosure of problems leading up to the cancellation or any answers from the organizers which are trying to dodge any responsibility, the fact that they waited until the last minute when many had committed to nonrefundable travel costs and taking personal days off, and the damage it will probably do to trust in future organization efforts.

As the saying goes: success has a thousand parents, but failure is an orphan.

yo dawg, I heard you’re a fan of con-artists at your fan art con

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