Model for a “Creeping Baby Doll” patented in 1871




creep on creepin’ on


If it can crawl across the ceiling… sold!


Is that a seat so it could be ridden?

If so, did they rate these machines in terms of “infant power?”



I’m totally building one of these 10x this size and taking it to Burning Man. Of course, it’s going to shoot fire from its eyes and shit candy.


All this would need is a voice box that grates out a metallic


every third step to be a real pajama-soaker.

Hmmm, it has a shelf on its back.

Maybe it was designed to deliver drinks.


That platform was used to deliver drugs to prisoners.


I am that child. Please send it to me !


"What child wouldn’t want to be surprised by this adorable wax-headed baby doll crawling out from under their bed at 2am? "

Hey! How many babies do you get to ride? Or have them haul your beer around the room?


Creeping baby 2.0:


how about 10 of them 1x the size and make it some sort of moving baby carpet


“-ING” does not always equal “-Y”. Although if the stem is consonant-liquid-vowel-consonant, it often does.


OMG, it’s the gramps of Chucky.


It’s a T-.001, a Terminator baby.




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