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Bobo is no moderate. He’s a sneaky and disingenuous advocate of “free”-market fundamentalism whose entire career is predicated on making other selfish Boomers like himself feel good about abandoning the ideals of their youth.

Apparently he’s now also taken the occasion of leaving his wife of 20+ years for a much younger woman to see if he can get away with positioning himself as a moralist.

Truly one of the more repulsive and slimy pundits out there.


You can’t be a ‘moderate’ on its own. You’ve got to be a moderate something, less far along the continuum than other people with a similar position.

Being a ‘moderate’ is being nothing. Or, as shown with our friend and colleague the esteemed Mr. Brooks here, actually being a conservative but trying to pretend otherwise for some reason.


Note that, by international standards:

  • Bernie Sanders is an extremely moderate Social Democrat.

  • The Democrats range from right-wing Liberals to Conservatives.

  • David Brooks is an extreme Conservative.

  • Most of the GOP are far-right Fascists.


Just to clarify, those standards are the Reasoned and Educated Standards, rather than being particularly international; although I do agree they have been largely adopted around the world.

Somehow internally in the USA the label “socialist” has gotten dirtied. It’s a shame, because the idiot electorate have been trained to knee-jerkingly kick out at the word and vote in the opposite direction.

I’m going to become an internet trillionaire and give everyone in the world free tickets every two years to spectacular destinations that will open their minds. That should change at the very least the shitty xenophobia around this planet.

Except Agent Orange. He can get stuffed and steam away in the White House.


The word Socialist was sullied during the cold war. That’s not the big problem with the US though. The problem is the march rightward with the tug of war between the two party system, always serving certain capital interests over the electorate.


That depends very much upon which bit of the electorate you’re looking at.


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