David Brooks shuts eyes, mind

David Brooks is so worried.

… I am going to spend every single day between now and then believing that neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz nor Bernie Sanders will be standing on that podium. One of them could win the election, take the oath, give the speech and be riding down Pennsylvania Avenue. I will still refuse to believe it.

On Jan. 26, 2016 [emphasis added] …


If anyone had asked “Is it possible to genetically engineer a potato to channel the collective unconscious of the Beltway?” I would have looked at them like they were totally insane.

Then I encountered David Brooks.


Sanders is basically just like Trump. A politician who would be comfortable in a mainstream party in any other western democracy vs. a guy who wants to ban all people of a certain religion from entering the country. I don’t see the difference. Imagine the horror, waking up in 2017 to find that a man who believed in equal rights for black and gay people before it was popular was in power. What other ideas might he have? Could be anything.*

* Could even be a boat. I’ve always wanted one of those.


Isn’t it obvious? As we all know, the orderly voter affirmation of the preferred candidate of each of the two real political parties is completely essential to America as we know it. Any upset in the primaries is basically the same as a descent into anarchy, with rival militias smashing Overton windows in the burning ruins of Washington.

It’s not about the candidates; it’s about respect for the political process.


By naming Sanders, Brooks shows he is less bothered about racist nativism and gender bias in the GOP. He even says that he’s shutting his eyes! See no evil, David Brooks.


And Ross Douthat sees all the evil the same as Pat Buchanan, but with a red rubber New York mute plugged into his bell.


Oh, well then, have we got an immigrant with a dream for you then:


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