This is what Americans *don't* want in their president


So college degrees and prior experience are the most important, yet the college degreed professional politicians turn presidenst are the yahoos that are helping this country fall flat on its face.


Non-partisan is a concern? Eeesh


I don’t understand. Why would Ted Cruz have a great shot at winning the primary?

I mean the chart is a little open to misinterpretation - you’d think that a middle-eastern muslim man would have a great chance of winning by this chart, but I’m reasonably confident they have less of a chance of winning than an evangelical tea partier.

I’m pretty convinced that the only role for the Republican whackadoos is to make whatever right-wing loony bin they do choose look sane by comparison.


Because the Republican party is loaded to the gills with Evangelicals and Tea Party sympathizers.


Oh, please don’t throw me in the briar patch, Br’er GOP!!!


I’m not a political annalyist or anything, but compare the linked poll on how each candidate is doing:

which shows Jeb Bush and Scott Walker with ~15% apiece and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz with ~10% apiece.

What really boggles my mind is how un-unified the republican party is. No one has more than about 15% compared to the democratic party who has Hillary Clinton with 60%. So not only do the republicans have no clue who they’ll run, but 2 out of 4 of their top contenders (Walker - 15%, Cruz, 10%) are pretty dissatisfactory to Americans and 1 out of 4 (Rand Paul - 10%) is less so but still pretty high in the “dislike” chart.

By contrast, the only things that people disliked about Clinton was that she had a former president in the family and was over 65 yo. Neither issue were as problematic as 3 out of 4 of the top contenders for the republicans and Jeb Bush also shared the “a former president in the family” dislike.

Anyhow, it seems like it’ll be interesting to see what happens. More interesting than that, though, is how congress turns out. I think congress went republican last cycle because people hated how little Obama accomplished (and even hated most of the tiny bit he did do) but he still hasn’t done much of note since then…

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Not sufficiently so for him to have a decent chance of winning. Moderates (and most people are moderate when compared with Ted Cruz) hate him, his party hates him. I have no idea why he would even bother to run, except to make Jeb Bush cater to the crazies a bit more.

Top of my list:

  • no Bushes
  • no Clintons

I’m very uncomfortable with what one of their names means when I google it.

Does that count?


His father is a dominionist who thinks Ted is the anointed one. Personally, I think that must fuck a person up, but it’s probably different for believers.


They didn’t test for the group that would “win” hands-down over Tea Partiers, Evangelicals, no higher academics, etc.: atheists.


[quote=“WalterPlinge, post:9, topic:56868”]
I have no idea why he would even bother to run, except to make Jeb Bush cater to the crazies a bit more.[/quote]

FNC show/book deal/speaking circuit. The same reasons he ran for Senate in the first place.


I didn’t even notice ol’ frothy mix on there, I had hoped he went away.


He’s always bubbling under, just waiting to overflow one day…


all of that rhymes, in a funny sort of way.


Moreover, primary voters of both parties are the ones with the strongest opinions. Particularly with Republicans, primary voters have shown again and again they’re happy to choose the maddest hatter in the race.


Is it common that primary voters are false flag plants? My wife is one, don’t know how many people actually do that?

Depends on where you vote. Until recently, in Chicago you could only vote in a primary if you were registered with a party, and you would be given a ballot with ONLY that party’s choices on it. Now, you don’t have to be registered with a party, but you still have to choose which party’s ballot you’re going to vote that day…so you can’t split your vote.

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