Moderation policy change: unfounded assumptions


Note: These changes are now live in our Community guidelines.

Because we’ve had a spate of these issues recently, effective immediately:

  • Posts that make assumptions about anyone’s mental state, race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, group affiliation or sexual orientation without it being explicitly stated somewhere (either in a post or other verifiable source) will be considered inappropriate.

We as mods do not have the capacity to vet such statements. If you are going to label someone, said label requires backup.


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Thank you!


Pedantry here: Started > Stated.


Thank you very much.


Thank you!

Further evidence of the attentive, well-calibrated sensitivity that keeps me coming back here.


I seek clarification, for better adherence to this moderation policy change:

registered boingboing BBS user?


any humanoid, biped, mammal, carbon-based life form?


effective immediately posts

comments and posts from registered users posted no earlier than Tue 24 Jul 17h00 UTC?


Fixed, thanks.

Anyone. Updated to clarify.

Further, ”effective immediately” means mod actions from this point on, including actions on older posts, should they be flagged by the community (as is the case with any mod action).


Well done! Boing Boing leads the way.
Thank you BB. <3


This notable change in policy is very welcome.


So… I’m not a neofascist tool of the patriarchy any more?


Thank you.


Just a Marxist like the rest of us.


Another problem with unfounded assumptions I see here is assuming bad faith, which leads to pointless antagonism. Can we have a policy about that?


Yes. ”assume good faith or flag” has long been a policy here.


These changes are now live in the FAQ:

Do not make assumptions as to anyone’s mental state, race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, group affiliation or sexual orientation without corroboration.

Additionally. one change to clarify our policy on good-faith-by-default:

Assume good faith and like the good. However, flag the bad, and avoid contentless comments.



Does that mean we should flag eyerolls in their various forms? There are some members for whom that’s significant portion of their participation.


Eye roll gifs without comments are usually removed when flagged. IMHO though, most gifs are also posted with thoughts from the poster, which are fine, as are gifs with text as the message.


Would you mind giving other examples of contentless comments? I would have included gifs even if they have text overlay.


Simple. If you see a post that you believe adds nothing substantive to the conversation, flag it. That’s the standard used by most mods.

When in doubt, flag.


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