Modern Art? Political Statement? Both?

I hope I got the link right (first time doing this)

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Heh. I lived close to that little patch of green for about 6 months. Fun town, but their relationship to Thatcher is a bit hard to wrap my brain around.

She made so much of being the “Greengrocer’s daughter”. Trying to be a woman of the people.
It was, as most of her life, a lie. She was the daughter of a man who owned a chain of grocer’s.
Big bloody difference. As far as I know, her home town of Grantham is not exactly a fan.

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My time there was short, and I lived in a small village nearby. But the Blue Pig pub was a regular hangout. But my sense was “We’re not very proud of this, but we do acknowledge the importance.”

A shout out, though, to Sara Barton, who is one of the most talented brewsters in the UK and runs Brewster’s Brewing in Grantham. She was the first woman “Brewer of the Year” from the British Guild of Beer Writers. She’s a tireless advocate for quality ale, and for women in brewing. And as friendly as they get. A national treasure.

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