Molly Crabapple animation on the lessons Ferguson teaches us about policing in America



@SemTek I can’t imagine where you got the idea anyone was shot in the
back. No forensic data supports that claim and in fact each shot fired
was directly to Mr. Brown’s face and was few details that are known
show he was advancing on the officer until the last fatal shot stopped

You need to stop allowing the hysteria and poor journalistic skills
inform your decisions.instead look for factual data and evidence so
that you will make correct choices.

I don’t actually care if he was shot in the face, back, or wherever. The fact that he was shot and killed while being unarmed is insane.

According to wikipedia it went as follows:
“A struggle then took place between Brown and Wilson through the window of the police SUV, a Chevrolet Tahoe. Wilson’s gun was fired twice during the struggle, with one bullet hitting Brown’s arm while it was inside the vehicle.[31] Brown and Johnson fled and Johnson hid behind a car.[32] Wilson got out of the vehicle and pursued Brown. At some point, Wilson fired his gun again, with at least six shots striking Brown in the front,[12] fatally wounding him. Brown was unarmed”

The gun went off twice during a struggle? And then you shoot six more times? I’m sorry, but that is still murder.


“Protect and serve.”

I look at this incident as part of a larger whole-- police forces taking seminars to maximize how they confiscate property from the public, use of tazers in situations where the victim is not even being violent, the tendency for people with dark skin to be stopped and searched more often than whites, the “thin blue line” stickers cops put on their civilian vehicles.

“Protect and serve” who?


Fantastic video that I can use well in other places. Thank you Molly!!

My fingers are crossed that the grand jury will do the right thing, but I’m not holding out much hope for that.


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