Mom on the drums

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Mom is ripping it apart!

Well, guess that’s an end to the ancient meme “Men can’t fold fitted sheets and women can’t play the drum part to Wipeout”


She’s good, but she’s also making @anon75430791’s point. So, I’m mixed.


I’m a little disturbed here. What exactly is “mom” supposed to imply? (dude, that person drums, and has… kids.)


Incredible technique, with 32nd notes and duple-triple patterns. Kick-ass. This is my favorite thing of the week!

Wipe Out was first issued 53 years ago this month. As an old fart I thoroughly enjoyed this rendition of it.

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Donna Stearns is a mom and an elementary school teacher who plays drums.

Donna Stearns is a kick ass drummer who teaches at an elementary school. Incidentally she has children too.


My last drummer was a mom, an elementary school teacher, and could wipe the floor with this chick.

She once broke a finger during a particularly intensive djembe break. Did nerve damage. Played for another hour to finish the gig.


Seems I’m not the only one slightly uncomfortable about Donna being defined by her family status. ‘Moms’ are people too!

Too bad Janis isn’t still alive to see her. And all the others.

(Ignoring that she is a mom, cause… Why?)

Her rhythm consistency is fucking excellent. Her transition to (I forget if its 12/16 or whatnot) from 16/18 is flawless, and her twitch muscles versus slow muscles shows decades of practice.

And you can see every musician around her gets that. Thinking about what it would take to get my boudran skills to that level (and they are good) gives me cold sweats

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