'Moment of Clarity," David Hashimoto's sculptural installation on Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia (Photo)



Nice photos, Mark.

Wow, that is surreal. Its like someone did a poor job of Photoshopping the sculpture onto the beach photo. Like some kind of Anti-tromp l’oeil.

Its not at Bondi its at the small beach next to it … Tamarama beach.

Also in the same exibish… http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/art-and-design/lucy-humphreys-twotonne-waterfilled-sculpture-turns-horizon-on-its-head-20131106-2x0br.html

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I saw the orb in the photos linked.

The ORB is the star of the show.

It looks like from the right point of view the triangular shapes might coalesce into some recognizable image. Very nice.

I like the idea of art just scattered out and about. For anyone in New England, I recommend the Andre Art Institute. They have a mountain side (well, large hill) with walking trails and sculpture (mostly stone and metal) all along the paths. Late fall is an excellent time to go, the mosquitoes are gone…


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