Moms For Liberty school board member liberated $728 worth of stuff at Target, say police. She's been charged with shoplifting

I don’t understand how the skip scan even works l.

Do they not have a scale that you put your scanned items on and a POS that knows pretty much how much everything weighs according to it’s barcode?

Ours do, so unless you know how many potatoes equals [$expensivething], you’re not skip scanning anything.


Unless all my stuff fits in 1 small bag, I’ll wait in line for a real cashier every time.

Fortunately, the line for the one cashier seems to move faster than the self check out at my target.


I’ve been like in the Apple Store where you can pick up an item and check out on your phone without ever seeing a member of staff. I walk out very slowly, item and phone in hand expecting to be collared…

I’d love to know how they keep thefts under control when even the smallest bit of Apple tat costs a significant amount of money.

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I know that a lot of retailers have disabled or done away with the scales as they cause way too many errors and require too much intervention from employees. I imagine they also cause significant confusion and leads to missed items or double-charges (ie. customer can’t get scale to read, customer service voids it and customer fails to re-ring).


Keri Blair has put a Target on her own back.


Oh yay, more Palin Lite


i think 728 dollars would be jail not prison. and she’ll likely plea and be out on probation anyway. they should really make her work at target for the next five years or something. that’ll give her some perspective…

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I feel like there is a lesson here about three strikes laws but I’m not sure what. It’s basically addressing the same issue in a slightly different way.

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I was wondering about the low $$$ number too. Maybe she got really brazen in a way that forced them to nab her already.

Or maybe they just nabbed her the first time they noticed and the previous thefts came up when they ran her mug through the surveillance records. I read Target doesn’t do facial recognition (Rite Aid did and it got in big trouble for it) but it could apply it to look for specific people during an investigation, or let the cops do it.

Or maybe she has a history of pitching fits in the store over pride merch or books or sex toys and someone looked into her shopping habits.

7 times in November and December means stealing at least $100 per trip.


Here’s TN law on the charge:

  • Class A misdemeanor—theft valued at $500 or less
  • Class E felony—theft valued at more than $500

If the last run was for more than $228, there we go.


Hey Walgreens, we may have located your shoplifting gang.


$728 of Not Books.


Two ways that I’ve seen.

First, you simply grab two+ items, one in each hand, and then only scan some/one and put them all in the bag. Same kind of thing on a basic level behind a card trick.

Second is where they play act that they’ve scanned it. Cover the UPC or whatever.

I’m wondering if she was stupid enough to use a credit/debit card for the things she did scan? Or did she always pay cash?

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They probably just checked the credit card. Even linking if done on different cards.

I’ve never seen anyone trying to slip hundreds of dollars into the self check. I don’t remember at Target, but at Home Depot most of the self checks only take credit cards and not cash.

Both Walmart and Home Depot will link my in store purchases to my online accounts if I pay with the same card in store as the web site. No need for a Loyalty Card at all.

She probably used a Target branded credit card for the 5% discount.


Probably dumb enough to do it with a credit card connected to a corporate/business account

Evergreen comment on the topic:

“I’m getting all verklempt here, discuss amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: ‘Moms for Liberty’ are not for liberty nor are they, meaningfully, moms. Discuss”



Paying cash at a Target self-scan was a PITA requiring employee intervention by design, now the kiosks at my nearest store are credit card only.

Now I’m suspecting this card-only requirement really would help them nab repeat 5-finger discounters. :face_with_monocle:


When I’m wearing a lighter top my insulin pump can be seen as a small box-shaped outline, about the size of a standard deck of cards, on my stomach. I’ve never been confronted over it, but I’ve certainly thought of how to react if I’m ever approached by a store employee asking about it. If I’m wearing light enough clothing for them to see the outline then it would be easy to just show them the pump.

No, I’m not happy about having to be paranoid over it!

Let’s see … $0.00 - (5% of $0.00) … Yeah, that’s a great savings! :joy: