Moms For Liberty school board member liberated $728 worth of stuff at Target, say police. She's been charged with shoplifting

I’m wondering if that’s why one of the 2 Targets closest to me (but not the other :thinking:) started locking some of the items away behind plexiglass, requiring that one summon help to fetch these items: laundry detergent, moisturizer etc. A jug of detergent is a bit difficult to carry while dashing out in a hurry, but a couple of bottles of CeraVe (each costing more than one jug of detergent) would be no problem.

(Getting even further afield: The closest Target was a now-closed “mini” Target; they did not have all of the inventory, of course, but it was quicker to get in and out of there. I think they closed most or all of these stores. I can’t imagine that particular location did not perform well, seeing how it was right next to a university campus, which seems the ideal place for a mini-Target. Like a CVS, but with more groceries, non-exorbitant prices, and a sales receipt that was shorter than 2 meters)


Think of the children, moms for liberty!

Typical GQP hypocrite.

ohhhh, that point about Home Depot might explain why my local HD now has clerks standing at the self-checkout to do your “self-checkout” for you. (Effectively eliminating self-checkout entirely.) I asked about it when I bought something there a few weeks ago and was told “it’s just a customer experience thing Home Depot is experimenting with” or something.

our campus mini-target is thriving somehow

i’m not a student and rarely on campus in this college town, but I had occasion to go in there a little while ago (i ordered some earbuds online for pickup and the mini-target was the only store that had them). it was… weird.

Another one of those self riteous degenerates

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