Monday reflection: Do-it-yourselfing, monsters and sad subways

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then at the very end of the game, Samuel Beechworth, the old man who’s been driving your boat around, he basically says, ‘I despise you for what you’ve become.’ And he pulls a flare gun out, and he fires it, and he says, ‘That’s why I’m warning them that you’re coming.’

Wait. What?! Did not know this but how cool. Admittedly i didn’t try killing every living thing on my second play through after stealthing it so must have seen the moderately high chaos ending. I agree with the criticisms of this in the comments though; providing you with all these neat toys and amazing abilities to encourage you to use them but being punished for it.

If you’re getting into cinema and cinema before the 1980s or so, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Farran Smith Nehme concentrates on those films like a laser with scholarly perception and a deep love of fashion and design.

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