Monopoly: Cheaters Edition is indicative of our times

I don’t suppose you also knew the late great John M. Ford as well? I loved his EGFABT signatures on the Pyramid boards.

Did you mean . . . “yuuuuuuge”?

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In a way, what could be more indicative of the Trump era than a game where rampant real estate capitalism also encourages cheating?

This could almost make me consider thinking about maybe joining in a game of Monotony.

If it didn’t take such a ridiculously long time to complete a game… ugh.

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No, sorry (although on reading his Wikipedia page I wish I had).

There’s a lot of things like this that predated 9/11. NYC is iconic, and the twin towers iconic within that.

For example, the Dream Theater album releasd on 9/11 with the NYC skyline on fire.

Also, “Global Defense” for 8 bit Sega whose intro screen features a plane-looking missile hitting the towers. (1987)


There was this one, too.

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And yellow-gold felt-tip pens to color over the purple on the rubbish properties.


I still call Boy Scouts this:

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I enjoy games that actually incorporate a cheating/lying/bluffing mechanic right into the mechanics. Sheriff of Nottingham is one I played recently that was a lot of fun.


There was a Monopoly cheater’s kit in the May 1973 National Lampoon. It include a bogus instruction book, fake Chance and Community Chest cards, $500 bills and the Steel Pier, a board mod to get you across Boardwalk and Park Place. It was hilarious then and hilarious now. Let’s face it, most modern business ideas first appeared in either Mad Magazine or the National Lampoon.


… or The Onion.

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