Hey, kids, let's play Corporate Monopoly!


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No. Because even with a nice theme, the game itself still sucks.


The game wasn’t meant to be fun, it was meant to make the player understand how unfair capitalism is.


“I started with all the advantages of the hat and still went bankrupt three times.”

–Donald Trump


Born on Park Place and got a small loan for a million dollars from his dad, which he shrewdly invested in little plastic hotels.


Little? Hey, let me tell you – those hotels were yuge.


So, bribe the banker, steal all the money and angrily flip the board before demanding all the other players pay you for the privilege?


I thought the boot was the one stamping on a human face forever.


Went bankrupt three times, but as part of the 1% still got to keep nearly all his money while making the economy absorb his bad decisions. How very conservative of him, socializing all the risk, while privatizing any profit.

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