David Bowie Monopoly game

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Okay, do you want to be the star, the lightning bolt, the globe or the butt plug?


Ugh. The utter lack of irony in the fact that a game originally meant to be a criticism of unfettered capitalism that was retooled as a celebration of its worst facets is the most prolific devourer of culture that in most ways stands against the conditions that it precipitates.

ETA: Also, it really sucks that most Americans’ first (and probably last) exposure to tabletop gaming is also one of the least enjoyable games ever made.


Source: Image from Amazon, 2021 01 05

I agree with you.

My spouse is against having it in the house.

Having a branded version for “Goonies“ lacked awareness. That said I have been thinking about getting the game and altering it so I can be cooperatively won.

This written:
Going to jail should require a player to take an awesome mug shot that implies both that the person can handle anything, and they may be a serial killer.

Edit to add: That is one ugly board. They could’ve done so much here, collecting iconic looks, go to MOMA, collaborations, random visit by David Lynch and Trent Reznor … so many missed opportunities.

It really should be a double sided game, with the reverse being a themed Ouija board, so people can attempt to summon their favorite Bowie personality.


That’s a fantastic idea! I’ve never tried it, but the original rule set may be a good starting point:

ETA: But @someguy’s recommendation may be a lot more efficient.

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I landed on Chance! (draws card, reads) “The little green wheels are following you: oh no, not again. Go to rehab, go directly to rehab.”


Aww… I rather liked the Ashes to Ashes clown hat.


Excellent. At last somewhere I can wear my Nine Inch Nails polo shirt.

(More seriously, who the fuck is the market for these products?)

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“Look at me, I’m so ironical!”

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