Monster Scouts: go camping with an imaginary cryptid scout troop from the 1910s!

It takes a strong person to admit that they’re wrong. You should try out for the Monster Scouts!


Monster Scouts and Steam Crow FTW!

I’ve known Daniel and Dawna Davis for 9 years; they are an integral part of the Arizona geek scene. Great creative team, awesome people. Monsters at their very, very best.

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How about never? Never is good for me.

I think the OP is off a bit. Monster Scouts is an offshoot of Steam Crow. Steam Crow was the organization that started this all with art prints and fun and it led into the Monster Scouts.


I’m trying to parse your post. I can’t tell if you’re serious or just trying to be funny. If you’d dive into the lore a bit more, Baron Davis founded the Monster Scouts and all such info has been lost for years. We are just rediscovering the information about Monster Scouts and spreading the word. (this is all in lore and obviously just the set up for this world they have created. It’s supposed to be fun and imaginative. lighten up.)


I’m trying to do the same with your post right now.

My post links to two Gary Larson cartoons, invites monsters to my campfire but threatens them with boy scouts lurking on top of their beds.

How could you possibly think that this post was anything but serious? :wink:

In a world where there are real monsters living among us, those monsters need to fear my wrath should they besmirch the honor of the worldwide scout movement by persistently claiming that they came up with it before Lord Baden Powell started it all in 1907. So I cannot possibly lighten up.

In the real world, where the monsters are just made up by people trying to be fun and imaginative, I can’t get angry at people over this. I’d like the made-up stories even better if they didn’t contradict a part of reality that I care about, but it’s still just fun and imaginative. So I can’t lighten up either, because I’m already quite relaxed.

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