Monster shirts based on an episode of Leave it to Beaver


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File under I wish I had the disposable income.

ETA I quite like the Mystery Dates one.


Interesting. I always wondered what the origin of those were.


Wow, I’m impressed Leave it to Beaver featured shirts as cool and badass as these.


Bug-eyed, horned, fork-tongued, snorting, bleeding, knife-stuck nightmare creature tee shirts. Leave it to Beaver finally gets the recognition it deserves!


Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was huge while Beaver was on the air, and quite popular among the audience (kids my age).


At $31 for a sweatshirt, they are actually about the same cost as the ones in the episode after inflation.


Did you remember to factor in the almost total stagnation of actual wages since the 1970s?


Thought that’s a great top, then saw his other work and thought, jeez can’t people draw women properly? no of us are ever going to move on untill this kind of over sexualisation in the name of “cuteness” ends. Do I show this to my daughter and say “Here, this is what “cute” looks like?”.


Thread hijack* absolutely no relevance. SING to the tune of Mickey Mouse. T U R K E Y G R A V Y turkey gravy… / obligatory drunk thx giving post


Drunk posting?

How you doing… :smirk:


Toasted. It naptime


Well, the majority of the illustrations are either “creature girls” that are obviously cartoony or various versions of Vampira, so… no, that’s not what ‘cute’ looks like, but it’s definitely what ‘campy’ looks like.


I was about to ask yesterday if the new user was ummm actually aware of what Vampira looked like cause there really isn’t much exaggeration in the artwork.


Thanks for all the comments!


Thanks for taking a look, even if you didn’t like the art. I’d be interested in seeing examples of cartoony pop art illustrations of woman you do find appealing. I can always learn something!


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