Moog is making 25 more legendary Synthesizer IIIc units

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Have a listen! You likey very much.


Listened, not for me.

No. Modular synths are for musicians far more dedicated to process than myself. I find no particular joy in either setting up a modular synth of this complexity and far less pleasure in documenting the settings.

Is there also a limited run on the app plugin?

I’m a bigger fan of the Eno school of synthesizing: Take a small synth and make it sound big in the studio. Running a crap keyboard through some common guitar pedals and then finishing it off with some expensive reverb is way more fun than this patch-bay nightmare.

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Can’t ride dragons without those final hero chords.

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Mayhaps you wanted to say expansive reverb?

I too have always been a fan of this style of production as well. I think its because I started out with a Tascam cassette 4 track and wanted to sound more like the studio I was interning at but couldnt afford to book time in.

Of all of the things that you can squeak by on the cheap in the studio, I’d say that reverb is not one of them. Expensive! Like most studio gear.

One of my favorite guitar boxes to run a cheap synth through is an ancient Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer. I usually have to drop it a few times to get it to stop shorting out. I should buy a new one some day as they are still being manufactured.

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“Back in the day” I used spring reverbs including a custom built one that was about 4 feet long. None of that gear survived multiple pawnings or the move to NYC but somehow I ended up with some oddball second hand digital reverbs that I was quite satisfied with.

Its not to say I don’t appreciate the chance to work with a real plate reverb but just made do with what I could get my own hands on.

I have all his stuff, including film soundtracks from Japan. He was the best. (Funny. The 1st anniversary of his death will be this Friday.)

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Try this, sir:

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Better. Or at least sufficiently conventional for my tastes. But I don’t think I’ll go searching for more. :slight_smile:



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