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So, I love the idea of Winkbooks.

But I’m terrifically annoyed at the fact that the site doesn’t support direct links to specific books.

This has a number of unfortunate effects:

  1. I have to click twice from BB to see the darn book.
  2. I can’t share a link to a book with someone, whether in email or social media.
  3. Links from Boingboing’s archive go “stale” and no longer lead to a page that has the book anywhere obvious.
  4. I can’t right-click and open a Winkbook post in a new tab

The end result is much like one of the detested flash sites of yore.


I wish I could multi-like your post! I clicked on a wink books link from a Boing Boing post months ago and thought I’d lost my mind because it didn’t go to the damn book and I couldn’t find any permalinks.

Who knew that hipster sites are still trying to break the internet.

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