Moonlight, new tarot social platform is definitely worth a look

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I know a lot of people just like the artwork and interaction of tarot, but all the same I hope this has a “for entertainment purposes only” disclaimer somewhere.


Then within the last three years tarot’s popularity really exploded too! There’s thousands of beautiful modern decks, tarot is emerging as a professional field, and many newcomers are looking for places to learn

this is esoteric propaganda, and I dont like it!

@Rusty_Blazenhoff: are you fucking serious?!?

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I don’t see what is wrong with that statement. If I say “the number of professional Scientology auditors is rising” that doesn’t mean I am into the cult, right? So what is propaganda about saying that, as I gather from context, there are increasingly more Tarot card designers, and probably readers?

For context: I do not believe in Tarot or any other esoterica. I did let a friend give me a reading once, though. The fact that I don’t remember which cards came up or how they were interpreted should show that I genuinely don’t believe in it. But I also don’t believe in being an asshole to your friends (or anybody) about their beliefs and the older I get the more I am of the opinion that whatever gets people through the day is fine with me, as long as it doesn’t hurt them or others.

ETA: That said, I also don’t agree with presenting a platform like this without a single word conceding that, well, it’s not a real thing

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Next you’ll tell me that the “Law of Attraction” isn’t real either :thinking: and that random events in my life are not messages to me from “The Universe”


Yep, bummed to see a post indirectly promoting snake oil. I know there’s people who take things like this and astrology as “not real, but fun and a good way to spark introspection” but there’s far too many people who think these things actually offer real insights/predictions/etc and get scammed by people who offer those services.

This is not much better than a post promoting a new social platform for “psychics”.


Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence, but sometimes it’s divine :smiley:

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