Disney tarot




Oh perfect. The fundies were already boycotting Disney for failing to hate the gay. Now they're dabbling in the occult? I predict these cards will be featured on the 700 Club.


Needs more Stands.


I see what you did there!


At the risk of sounding cranky, one of the problems I've faced over the years is that, being extremely good, my finished projects (under many different nicks/avatars, in different fields), give the impression of being effortless, and hence, are either ignored or don't get the attention/value they deserve. It's a little disheartening when photographs of someone's dinner get more 'likes' on Facebook than an art project like this, one that took 2 months of continous labour.

I can't fathom how we could possibly live in a world where the vast majority of people are more interested in food than a tarot deck where all the illustrations use disney characters.


I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. I'm just going to go with "There's enough dumb to go around."


I knew exactly what the hanged man was going to be before clicking through - and was gratified to see it exactly as I imagined! :-B

Definitely some nice touches there, and I was MOST happy to see they were all true first-generation classics (anything from Beauty & the Beast forward makes me feel old)


On the one hand, they look good enough to make me think they're lifted directly from the films. On the other hand, that means some people will easily dismiss them as being lifted directly from the films.

I was not previously aware of Pope/Popess as alternatives to Hierophant/High Priestess. That's educational.


Pure genius. Let's hope it's not copytrolled.


The 'under many different nicks/avatars, in different fields' could be his problem. I've found that it often takes many years of gradually building a following for artists to get a response of any substance online. If your stuff is scattered all over the place (and doesn't have a single, strong link to your identity as an artist) it gets quickly drowned amongst the millions of other things out there, no matter how nice it is. Some artists find themselves having a single piece going viral out of nowhere, but that's the rare exception and pure serendipity. Most artists have to glean each and every recognition one by one. It's much harder work than the drawing/painting itself, no matter how tedious that happens to be.


They've been dabbling in the occult since at least 1940. Did Jesus get his own sequence in Fantasia? I think not!


Have you heard of the Chibi Tarot? It's not Disney, but it is both adorable and inspired.


THANK YOU! I was racking my brain trying to figure out the other name for Popess


The names Pope "Le Pape" and Popess "La Papesse" are actually the original names of these cards. The Rider Waite Smith Tarot modified some of the traditional names of Tarot cards. Google "Tarot de Marseille" then you can see what I'm talking about.


I first heard about this deck from the Aeclectic Tarot forum. Due to trademark concerns, this deck would not be available for commercial publication so I doubt there could be a controversy.


This is not the first Disney themed Tarot. There was an official Disney Tarot made in 1979 called "Tarot Junior" intended to play a variant of the French Tarot card game and not for divination. See http://www.ftarot.info/bandesdessinees/mickey.htm and http://www.ftarot.info/flash/mickey.htm For those not already aware, the original purpose of the Tarot is to play trick taking card games still popular in many European countries and not originally for fortune telling. More recently Disney made an official divination Tarot in conjunction with the Nightmare Before Christmas modification of the Haunted Mansion theme park attraction.


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