Moonlighting's "Atomic Shakespeare" remains one of television's greatest achievements

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There is one thing I want to see AI used for with respect to TV movies right now. Not writing scripts or replacing actors. Just taking old TV and updating the resolution and aspect ratio to 4k with out doing any sort of cropping.

There is so much TV from the 80’s I want to re watch but it is just so visually jarring.


I think we saw this episode in English class.

IIRC at the end they make a joke about “hating iambic pentameter.”

Found it!


Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard may not have gotten along, but the show was fantastic.

By all accounts Moonlighting was a tumultuous and borderline dysfunctional production, but there’s no doubt they were very innovative. Another example of a risk that paid off:


Anyone who likes funny Shakespeare should look up The Reduced Shakespeare Company. They have a show called The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). They go through all of his plays in about 90 minutes,and it is incredibly funny. They do them in different styles, including rap and sports reporting. They also obviously know and love his works. You can find it on YouTube.


All these decades on from the only time it was broadcast in the UK the image of a horse wearing shades lives rent free in what’s left of my memory.


good back story to the Taming of the Shrew episode and 2 others


“My own Winnebago, a chance to direct…”

“Sorry, wrong scroll.”


One show I “missed out” on. I was in the Army at the time and didn’t watch much TV. Not sure if AFN carried it. When I was at university I do remember walking through the student union a few times and seeing masses of students crowded around the TVs there. Didn’t watch much.

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