Moonlighting's 'Atomic Shakespeare' episode


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This was the best episode of the series if you already knew the characters.

I still say “I must away as I am off to floss!” on a regular basis.


Given our new golden age of television, it might be hard for people under age 40 or so to understand how exceptional an episode of network television like this was at the time. Few other shows in the 1980s would try something like that, or a sequence like this:


Wow! That transition at 4:05 was really impressive! Very, very smooth!


Goest thou to HELL!


Go soakth thy head it swells beyond all measure!


Aye. And proudly.


I had forgotten about this. The only other shows I can think of that could have tried this are Scrubs, Parks and Rec, and maybe The Office. (anything by Joss Wheeeeeeeedon is disqualified).


“Big Man on Mulberry Street” and “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice” were my favorites from this series - great stuff!


I always loved how the editing was responsible for the comic timing since Willis and Shepherd hated each other and shot a lot of those scenes in singles so they wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time together on set. What a wonderful art form!


Yes, kids - there once was a time when Bruce Willis had hair.


Good memories.
My parents had taped this and a couple other episodes of Moonlighting off the broadcast. The family’s big into theater, too. I hadn’t ever seen the show in its original run (was only seven or eight when it ended), but they pulled out their VHS with ‘Atomic Shakespeare’ a few times to rewatch it in the 90’s.


When I was in ninth grade, my math teacher looked a little like Bruce Willis, and we always ended up talking about Moonlighting instead of doing math.

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