More Baby Trump Blimps Coming

Like any tantruming toddler, the 20-foot-tall baby Trump blimp hovering above Friday’s protests in London was difficult to ignore.

Now a plan to bring a replica of the yellow-haired, phone-toting, sneering and diapered balloon stateside has garnered so much support that organizers say they will use the funds to buy multiple blimps “so we can go coast-to-coast, border-to-border.”

New Jersey activists Didier Jiminez-Castro and Jim Girvan said they “were inspired by the patriotic actions of our friends in the UK,” so they created a GoFundMe page to see if they could make a similar statement domestically.

They overshot their goal.

By Thursday, they had raised $23,693 of their $4,500 aim and closed the page to donations in order “to keep control” of the campaign.


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