More FBI follies: civil rights groups are "terrorists" and their victims are the KKK

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It makes it so awkward when these guys are our last hope against Trump. They’re really not so great!


the KKK consisted of members that some perceived to be supportive of a white supremacist agenda.

It’s hard to believe somebody at the FBI is that ignorant, but it’s a possibility they need to be fired for incompetence, rather than for promoting terrorism.


They’re dedicated to preserving the American conservative establishment’s status quo. When right-wing extremist groups like the KKK served a purpose for that establishment and didn’t overstep their bounds by directly threatening it or by going against the agency itself, the FBI treated them like this.

In 2019, out-of-control right-wing extremists are in the White House, threatening the conservative establishment and going against the FBI, which we hope will work out for us. But that doesn’t change what the FBI is or the fact that it will always be more antagonistic to progressive groups.


Some of those that work forces …

ETA: those (ugh).


Are the same that burn crosses?


That’s true of any law enforcement group. If you can find a lawyer who is both sober and honest (which is kind of like finding snake fur), he’ll tell you that law enforcement has nothing whatever to do with “justice” - it has to do with propping up the state of affairs desired by the group in power. That’s why whenever there is a racial-incident shooting and people start yelling about how the system is broken, they’re wrong. The system is working exactly the way it’s designed to work. It’s working exactly the way the government wants it to work. That the way they want it to work is evil is what people should be saying. Stop yelling about how it’s broken and start trying to unseat the @#%$!s in office who made it this way.


The civil rights of anti-civil rights groups? Yeah, that makes “sense” in that, in related news, racists are trying to turn themselves into a protected class by declaring themselves an ethnic group - people of “Confederate national origin.” Which sound ridiculous… because it totally is.


" affiliated California entity, the Golden State Skinheads "

Ironic Skinheads originating in the UK were not racists but multicultural unified by ska, reggae and rocksteady beats. Now the term is an offensive moniker describing intolerant morons and idiots.


I get the feeling a group called “By Any Means Necessary” might aspire to terrorist tactics. In which case, yes, they warrant an FBI investigation. Just like the many white supremacist groups the FBI also investigates.

Nice spin, Cory.

They did the same thing to the environmental movement.


The entire motive of the Klan is to deprive others of their rights (and even lives)-- seems to me any reasonable, logical person should recognize that puts them beyond the pale (pun intended), they are well outside the bounds of what is acceptable behavior in a civilized society.

I know I’m preaching to the crowd by saying this on BB, but “your rights end where mine begin”, protesting someone who is trying to take away your rights is not taking away their rights, unless you want to say lynching is an inalienable right.


Why not both? :wink:


If you’re not happy with something then stop re-electing the devils that did it!

(Because of course your vote will always be counted. :roll_eyes:)


Right. It’s the aspiration that makes it a federal offense. That and feelings.


Then the police would be tone policing.

We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary .

— Malcolm X, 1965

Darn those people for wanting human rights.


Investigation does not always lead to charges. Most of the time nothing comes of it.

But if you want to talk about groups the FBI has brought charges against, most of them are right-wing extremists. Because most extremist groups are right-wing.

I’m pretty sure there was an FBI file on X too.

Because when you’re radical, influential, and say things like “by any means necessary” some of your followers are inevitably going to think that means blowing things up or murdering people.

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