More people smoking dead scorpions to get high in Pakistan


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Reading the article it sounds like one could milk the scorpion venom on to some medium (paper?) and smoke that while leaving the scorpion alive. It might be tedious but possibly less so than running around looking for live scorpions for your fix… I am guessing this is not what the take away message is supposed to be. Also if it parts of the glands other than the venom itself that produce the effect it might not work.


Smoke 'em if you got 'em!


Oh O spaghettiOs ! That sounds awful…


More people smoking dead scorpions to get high in Pakistan

Well, sure. They kept getting stung when smoking the live ones.



the article mentions that they way it is done in India is that they pay to get stung by the scorpions…
OK so the whole thing makes much more sense that the US election process.


What chemical exactly are they supposed to be getting high on?

I find it extremely hard to believe that peptide venoms are heat-stable enough to be smoked.



You know, we could help control invasive populations just by spreading rumors about getting high by smoking them.


You know, I hear that Emerald Ash Borers, when smoked, are a great (spins wheel) aphrodisiac!


There’s no chance this is bullshit, is there? Because my bullshit detector is at 11.


I bet that high rocks you like a hurricane.


You are correct, there is no such thing as “high”.


I just did a bit of searching. A book on the topic is “Drugs in Afghanistan: Opium, Outlaws and Scorpion Tales”, by David MacDonald. I don’t have access to the book, but I’m listening to an interview that David MacDonald did.

It sounds like the scorpion thing occupies a weird semi-mythic status, but at about the 7 minute mark in the interview, he recounts interviewing someone who had smoked a combination of scorpion tails, hashish, and opium.


I too get high on everything I mix with hash and opium. Funny.


here, have a hit of this high grade jenkum. that’ll recalibrate your BS detector.


Colorado is the only state with legal weed and scorpions, but I don’t think we can can convince all the people who recently moved here just for the pot to hunt them.


Nu-huh. Eastern Washington has scorpions too! Paruroctonus boreus.


Oh, my bad – how could I forget Canada’s only scorpion? We’ll send the invasive tourists your way!


I love the way this article begins. “I was smoking scorpions way before it was cool,” says 74 year-old hipster. Take that, Oregonians!

Yet something about the western techno cheerleader style to the article cries out, and the cry it cries is “bullshit!”