More than 60 people shared their accounts of Warren Ellis. Their next steps are worth your time

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Maybe, just maybe, we can stop putting people on pedestals?


I think, seeing the pedestal of 100 plus too-needy relationship takes, it’s a person and a pedestal, and I’m not to do any grooming of them into the position of chicken in pigs bladder. On pain of wrong, 2020 difficulty. (Too sure wrong.)

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19 relationships at once? When does one have time for that? I can barely maintain one and look after myself.

That said, it looks to me that this victims group is doing a rather extraordinary thing - focusing on the systemic issue, vs the specific offender. I hope their tactic works.

Side note - reading an article in the Smithsonian about a lady who is a science historian, who focuses on women in science and has been doing so since the 60s. (Learned the fun Fact, Eli Whitney didn’t invent the cotton gin, it was mostly done by Catharine Greene.)

Anyway, her research into the letters and archives was focused on the institutional hurdles that were put up before women in science. It wasn’t until recently with the #metoo movement that she realized that many of them probably also bailed due to harassment. But it simply was not discussed in the letters and papers she was looking into.

Fortunately she hadn’t experienced harassment in the workplace (just misogyny), and she said that moving forward that will be something future researchers who take her place will have to learn more about on how it plays another role in discouraging women in science fields.

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I mentioned in the other Ellis thread that he wrote story arcs in Transmetropolitan in which we see his protagonist Spider Jerusalem frequently ruin the lives of those around him—including sexually exploiting women under his tutelage—in the pursuit of selfish personal goals. It isn’t a great look on Spider, and Spider is supposed to be an asshole.

It’s like Ellis danced right up to the edge of self-awareness and turned away. Either that or Ellis was fully aware his actions made him an asshole and he just didn’t give a shit.


Yeah, I mostly agree with you. It’s like the old admonition that you should be careful of which role you project, because you will become that role. The role Warren projected in his old blog basically is this person: one who can be charming, but is callous and harmful.

And yeah, it’s worth noting that this group is doing amazing work. I find it amazing that these bleeding hearts and artists are pounding their hearts against this mad bugger’s wall.

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