Terry Gilliam: women "knew what they were doing" with Harvey Weinstein


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/16/terry-gilliam-women-knew-wh.html


Brazil prominently featured a woman. Of course, it was co-written by Tom Stoppard and Charles McKeown.


Oh, Terry, Terry, Terry…

(I liked his Python stuff way back when, but I never did see what all the fuss was about with all those sloppy, baggy-monster movies he made.)


Dear Terry Gilliam:



One of the things I found creepy about The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was that the title character’s daughter was a 15-year-old who seemed to enjoy seducing older men.


goddamit, terry gilliam. i really like you and your work, too. now i will forever think about how terrible you are IRL, and that makes me sad.


Well, sh*t. Another hero of my misspent youth turns out to be a jerk.


Reading the rest of that very short article… it sounds like he just has a difference of opinion to me, not that he agrees with treating women poorly or anything.

I think the two paragraphs Rob took rather skew the perspective on what Terry said:

“Despite describing the #MeToo movement as “simplistic” and “silly,” he still said Weinstein was “a monster” and warned there were still other people in the industry behaving like him. “I don’t think Hollywood will change, power always takes advantage — it always does and always has,” Gilliam said.”

He doesn’t agree with what Weinstein did, and the way boing boing’s article was worded suggested he did.


Have you seen Tideland? It’s reptty fucked up on similar grounds (not quite a teen seducing men, but it’s got some problematic content):

Women deserve to be able to work and not be forced to provide sexual favors to be able to do so.

did you miss the part where he raped women? That DOES make them a victim. Even the ones where it wasn’t rape, he blackmailed them into sleeping with him. That’s bullshit and fucked up. You need to get your head out of your ass and stop shrugging off behaviors that makes life worse for other human beings.


Yet more dismissing women? fuck that noise. I love Gilliam’s work, but he can go to hell on this point.






Even the original article is pretty obviously selectively quoting out of context, so it’s quite hard to understand where he’s coming from. There’s some contradictory statements.


But being coerced or outright forced into having sex does.


Sort of reminds me of Leonard Bernstein’s comment regarding Richard Wagner (notoriously anti-Semitic): “I hate him, but I hate him on my knees.”


1 like = 1 Gilliam’s DVD thrown in trash


TG is (demonstrably) a very creative person, and I’ve noticed that in other interviews he tended to be all over the map, trying to cover a lot in a short amount of time.





Fair enough. The statements being made here seem really bold for some rather weak evidence to me, that’s all. I really wish in cases like this they made the raw interview available so i could go peruse through it on my own and come to my own conclusions.


I can’t believe anyone defends this shit. Oh wait, yes I can. Because half the people are dumber than a fucking brick.