Convicted child rapist Roman Polanski: #MeToo is "collective hysteria" and "you can't stop laughing" at it

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Hey Polanski, where do you want me to park this truckload of nobody gives a fuck what you think?


You can complain about the emptiness and insincerity of the usual, pro-forma “I’m sorry, I’ve learned my lesson, and I am a better person now. I’ll donate to [insert appropriate charity here] to atone,” apologies that we usually get from famous people. RP’s “I did it and I see NOTHING wrong with it, stop persecuting me.” is not an improvement.


We need to be calling out actors, producers, cinematographers, etc etc who choose to work with this rapist and child molestor. People like Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly should not be given a pass for choosing to work with this asshat.


He did not explain further.

Thank Dog for that.


Dry sense of humor.


Oh but something something tortured artist, something something gifted auteur, blab wheeze dribble.


If you remove the bit about “Collective Hysteria” and put the other two parts together:

“everyone is signing up for it out of fear” “total hypocrisy”

And one assumes he’s talking about the men in Hollywood, he could be right. It’s a stretch, admittedly.


I think if you dial back “everyone” to “a lot of people” that’s almost certainly true. But I don’t think that discredits the movement to call people out.

I imagine there are tons of men in Hollywood who are pretending to be supportive of MeToo purely out of worry that if they aren’t they’ll be ostracized. The old status quo was women being afraid of being raped, and actually being raped, in numbers far greater than men who are being called out.

Maybe we can strive for even more just society than either of these two options, but if our choices are 1) Women are raped; 2) Men are nervous; well, it’s pretty obvious which one is better to anyone who thinks women are human.

Sure it’s a witch hunt, but this time instead of killing the witches we’re just giving them a severe talking to. Oh, and also in this analogy 5-10% of the female population of Salem actually are cannibals who are eating the town’s children.


Need “Christ what an asshole” tag as well


“you can’t stop laughing”

I’ve never really given much consideration to the sense of humor of guys who rape 13 year olds.


Is Polanski even relevant beyond being a child rapist? He can piss off


Convicted child rapist Roman Polanski…

Really? I thought he never stood trial?

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He absolutely stood trial, pled guilty to raping a minor, was convicted, and then fled to France.


Dear Roman Polanski:


I did not know that - thanks!


Absolutely THIS!


If “fear of social consequences” is what makes a man evaluate his behavior in order to avoid sexually harassing women, that seems like an indication of societal pressure finally operating correctly.


He’s also suing the Academy for kicking him out:

“The only proper solution would be for your organization to rescind its illegal expulsion of Mr. Polanski and follow its own Standards of Conduct by giving Mr. Polanski reasonable notice of the charges against him and a fair hearing to present his position with respect to any proposed expulsion,”

Yeah you bet, Mr. P. Come to Los Angeles and “present your position.” In person. We’ve got your room ready.


Technically, he pled guilty INSTEAD OF standing trial.

On the one hand his “defense” is basically “Everybody wants to sleep with little girls. People are going after me because they’re jealous.” And that speaks to him being a pedophile that can’t even imagine that other’s are not pedophiles. OTOH, it was a time when having sex with somebody that you weren’t married to was still illegal, and having sex with somebody of the same sex had very similar penalties to sleeping with a child. At that time it was not obvious that the sexual revolution would settle where it is now, where homosexuality is okay, but the age of consent is in the late teens. I’m not as all sure that the law in California at the time made a distinction between a 13 year old and a 20 year old, they were both minors. Of course the Alcohol and Quaaludes were just as rapey then as they are now. He is a terrible human being, without the capacity to even see that he has done wrong. But he probably seemed ever so slightly less terrible at the time of his crime.

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