Corey Haim's rapist named as Charlie Sheen


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Children can’t consent to sex, friendo.

Woman says AL judge Roy Moore initiated sexual act with her when she was 14, he was 32

Sheen was 19 at the time, Haim 13.

Are you trying really, really hard to ignore that part? Because the issues around age are kind of all over post.


For the record, ( 19 ÷ 2 ) + 7 = 16½


Um… Corey Haim died in 2010; he’s not ‘eager’ to do much of anything anymore.


That sounds like coercion to me, and 13 is still statutory rape regardless of consent.


What is the relevance? This is a shit rule to assign moral value to relationships. Here is how to tell if a relationship is creepy or not.




One of the most important features of the formula is that for any given pair of ages, if either is less than 14 then one of the people will be too young for the other.


Do we really think that the National Enquirer is a reliable news source? I don’t see this being carried by NYT, Washington Post, etc.


Come on man, you’re destroying an entire industry here. /S


Sorry bud, if this is all true he is most definitely a rapist. And in my opinion, the worst kind.


Jesus, dude! Would it kill you to at least RTFA before you accuse a dead person of lying in your rush to apologize for accused rapists?


you scare me. there may be a lot about our laws that I don’t agree with, but the ones that criminalize adults (anyone over 18) for having sex with minors are among my favorites.


Current culture? Sorry, but the law says it’s illegal. There is no consent, a child even if willingly has sex with someone over age it is not, by law, consent.

Congratulations, you just minimized child abuse/rape comparing it to rape and abuse of women and defended a child rapist. Your medal is in the mail.


I don’t apologize rapists (at all). But I also don’t like witch hunts. So when someone is accused, at least lets hear the other side as well.
But I agree I should have read the article better. I’ll go quietly sit in a corner now :slight_smile:


I am not interested in having this discussion with you. I have nothing to say to you.


I just did some digging. There are definitely sources better than the enquirer (but that’s not a high bar and for all I know they got this from the enquirer). I also found that people have been speculating that an unnamed person who smoked pot with and had sex with Haim at age 13 was Sheen for years. This may be one of those things that many people know and no one talks about.

But I can see why you’d want to wait a few hours to see what comes out of this. This isn’t a case of “believe the victim”. The victim is sadly dead and we’ll never hear it from him. This is more of a situation where the Enquirer will print 100% fabrications.

This will presumably be on major news sites soon.



OK, I’m mostly staying out of it but I have to ask


Also I’m sad but not surprised to learn that people are using these recent revelations to rev up a modern panic about the gays in Hollywood. I just…ugh.


Which ones?

The people who seem to be making lame excuses for unacceptable predatory behavior, the ones who basically victim-blamed a dead guy, or the ones who can’t even deal with the attempted justification/marginalization of sexual predation being presented here?