Mother: adorable connected sensor network


But can it tell you whether they’ll drop the bomb or like this song?


When you hack into the back end of Mother, you can retrieve a secret communication!


How long before Google absorbs them?

“Suzie has entered Zone 3. VIOLATION! VIOLATION! Administering electric shock corrective measures.”


The. Horror.


I could see this being useful for folks with aging parents who are trying to help them maintain more of their independence. You could put a sensor on the fridge door, so you could see that mom really did have breakfast today, one on her pills to make sure that she really did take them this morning, one on the front door so you could tell the difference between going out to check the mail or tend the garden for a few minutes versus maybe that she’s sitting in the hot sun in the garden for too long and going to get a heat stroke or that she’s fallen down and can’t get back inside, etc. When my own mother who has dementia was living with me, or even when she was still living all on her own,it would have been a huge help. It would help you watch over them, without having to actually watch over them with your own eyes the entire time, and it would give you more certainty than just having to rely on things like asking them.


I went with the pricey add on of the implanted RFID and direct brain port.

worth it to never have to get off the couch and talk to the family.


Hush now baby, baby don’t you cry. Mama’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true.


Do they collect your data or do you collect your data? Do they provide an API so you can integrate the data yourself? I can’t tell from their web site.

Mother? Does the UI have a pane for interesting factoids?

“Cattle mutilations are up”
“Did you know the Deputy Director of Planning was down in Managua, Nicaragua the day before the earthquake?”


“All data generated by devices you buy is yours, only yours. Period. At any time, you can of course choose to delete all your recorded data.” is all I could find…

I note that the product’s full name is Sense Mother. This puts me in mind of Wall Mother from one of Bruce Sterling’s Shaper/Mechanist stories.

“NOTICE: Johnny is touching himself in your closet.”
“NOTICE: Toilet paper in Johnny’s bathroom is low.”
“NOTICE: Johnny is touching himself behind the shed.”
“NOTICE: Hand lotion in all bathrooms is low.”


I smell a Her sequel.

Big Brother was always her favorite kid.

But will it come with a special fuzzy cloth iPad cover for contact comfort?




If the Gecko tag ever ships, it looks like all of the above.

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Big Mother is Watching You <