85-year-old Italian grandmother tests out Google Home


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Hey Gogol, what happened to my nose?!?



Where are my sedatives?


My 8-month old niece can’t say any intelligible words yet, just a lot of baby babble, but she’s figured out that if she yells “ALALA” that the Echo Dot lights up and talks to her.


So it begins…


Amazon’s already on this…


My (non-tech) wife got one. For a while, she would walk over to it, put her mouth about an inch from it to issue voice commands (like we used to have to do with microphones on a tape recorder). And she was very polite. “Google, if it’s not too much trouble, could you please tell me what the temperature is?”



Wonder what Alexa would make of Grampa Simpson?

For that matter, what about any person with dementia? This is one gift my MiL will NOT be receiving – brrrr…


I usually use one of the espeak female Scottish voices for text-to-speech on my Pis.


Yeah we got one for Christmas, then my work gave me one as well. We watched a movie on TV a few days ago and even across a large room, google kept interrupting with “I’m sorry I don’t understand that”.


I’ve said it before, let’s put one of these in every room of every funny farm in the country and just see what happens.


This was hilarious, elderly people are much funnier than they are given credit for. I wonder does anyone of that age use it on a regular basis or just as a gag when they first get it?


Thank Baphomet that’s not real. The Silver Edition is substantially less ugly than the regular Echo. That’s not a benefit. The Echo should remain an eye sore for easy visibility.


Some experts in the field are working on tasks that might make it helpful for people in the earlier and middle stages (and for their caregivers).


That’s one of the few use cases of such tech where I can see the pros outweighing the cons.


I wonder if the results would have been better had she spoken to it in Italian?


I don’t know if that would work. Does Alexa have a 360° camera to observe and interpret hand gestures?


Helping MiL with remembering what’s going on that day, or who she’s talking with is okay. I’m worried about other functions like the aforementioned ‘Order 2 tons of creamed corn,’ Or ‘I want to email that nice person I’ve been talking to who has that investment idea.’