Mother braids her daughter's hair in intricate, beautiful patterns every morning!

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These are absolutely gorgeous, but don’t let Amandla Stenberg find out about them. Appropriation! Appropriation!

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Is this called living through your children?

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Kylie Jenner this kid ain’t.

I think Amandla has a point.

It’s actually called incipient traction alopecia, poor girl.

That’s disturbingly like a baseball giving birth.

She’s hit the jackpot: her daughter’s hair is fine but she has a lot of it (not the same thing as thick). It’s not a common combination. Makes all the difference. But why before school? 20 extra minutes of sleep, a better breakfast, last check over homework, getting to school a little early so as not to start the day rushed…so many other uses for that time before school/work.

I really liked the crosshatch, but on the others instead of hearts could we get some… Cthulu?

NM, that might actually break the internet.

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My hair even when it was insanely long was impossible to braid. Many a theater friend tried and it always popped out.

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I understand that cultural appropriation can be problematical, but IMO this is just over the top. Should we be mad at Amanda for wearing a dress that seems to be heavily influenced by European style? Shouldn’t she be wearing something more African?

I’d rather see women supporting each other in their hair explorations than just getting all weird and proprietary.

Come on girls – support each other!

I think African American women have a point when it comes to appropriation and erasure.

And I think the Kardashians can stand some critique. Especially when Kylie Jenner has had lip injections to make her lips very large and thus ‘beautiful’ vs. a model from Uganda’s lips caused racists shit all over her so much that MAC has to issue a statement… we need to talk about this, and no rallying cry of [quote=“Ambiguity, post:10, topic:74688”]
Come on girls – support each other!

is going to help unless we first actually acknowledge the racist (& sexist) and deep seated historic issues at play here.

Feminism, attempting to address ALL intersectional issues ALL the time, because if we don’t who will?


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