Kid with "Uncombable Hair Syndrome" has Instagram account


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Looks like labcoats are the way to go… she’ll also need a supply of technobabble and a maniacal laugh.




I’d hire her in a flat second, she rocks that lab coat.


Boris Johnson apparently also suffers from this.


Her hair is awesome, and i’m glad the people in her life all reinforce the notion that there’s nothing wrong with her hair. People spend money to have hair like that if anything.


Wouldn’t some hair gel work?


I had a friend in high school who had hair that was hard to comb out. It must of bothered him, because he had a perm done to straighten it out. We made fun of him for it and he let it go natural again.


The labcoat reinforces the notion that she’s being zapped by a van de graaff generator.


Meanwhile, black people are wondering what the big deal is.


Cheveux incoiffable? Isn’t that a card from Mille Bornes? I think it’s the one that lets you drive right over the Tire-Killing Iron Comb…? (Q’est-ce que c’est en Francaise?)


I was reminded of Stan Laurel.

And I mean that as a compliment.


As an early-onset slaphead, I am envious of this persons full head of energetic hair. I remember a family friend who was from somewhere in central Europe who had hair that grew perpendicular out of his scalp. He went for a short style that looked really cool.



Kid with “Uncombable Hair Syndrome” awesome hair has Instagram account



Indeed, parenting done right. If only more parents reinforced positive self-images for their kids instead of inculcating misplaced shame.





The rest of us suffer from Boris Johnson.


Some people have a bad case of “Bedhead”, Boris has a terrible case of “Knobhead”.