Woman with wet hair walks outside in the midwest, hair freezes


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Someone’s fetish, no doubt.

Reminds me of:


I say this as a person who moved out of the Midwest to get away from the seasonal snow and cold;


Was she actively trying for a Darwin award?


I think that hair is a reasonable argument for the hypothesis that at least some humans are actually peacocks in disguise.


So she can go viral and have her 15 minutes? that’s all I can guess…


Totally worth the frostbite.



I could see doing something like that, I can’t explain it, there’s enjoyment in doing crazy stuff.

I used to go winter camping in -20F temps, and a girlfriend lived in Ukraine for a while where it was -50F. Some of us are just better with cold weather I guess.


Ahhhh, the fabled snowhawk.


Dude, that’s not crazy; it’s straight up STUPID.

People have already died from exposure.

Inclement weather is getting worse every year, no matter what denialists may say about climate change.

Your past camping trips or the severity of the winters that I survived as a kid don’t compare with the increase in extremity of weather that’s happening now.


Has anyone tried farting outside? I hear it will leave ice on your pants. Can someone try this and get back to me. My kid is skeptical. I think there is an 80% chance it will work.

I have a cold and need cheering up. And it’s for science. So someone take one for the team.


No, but the snot in my nose has frozen many times.


I am willing to pay pal $10 for Taco Bell in the name of science.


I hate it when mucus membranes freeze; that’s some painful shit, right there.

Yet another reason I’m thankful I moved to Cali.


She was within a few meters of the front door, with someone in attendance to help if she should experience any discomfort - not at any risk at all. I mean, she was still holding her towel from walking through the house to the front door.

Inclement weather broadly defined is getting worse, yes. Cold, at least in western Canada where I live, not so much. My parents bought me a Canadian military high arctic patrol parka for Christmas in the late 90s. I wore it that winter, and it has not gotten cold enough to call for that parka since. I still have it, in a box in the basement, because it’s an amazing coat.

I very much suspect I will never experience -40 degrees again unless I move a whole lot further north. My hometown used to reach -40 every couple of years, but last time it did was in the 1990s. Where I live now, the last time it reached -40 was 1972.


You’re preaching to the choir there!



Points for The Exploited reference. Not a great band by any means, put punk as fuck.


I’m no longer somewhere that cold where I can test it for you. :frowning: Too bad, I have a pot of beans that might do the trick.


Kudos for the “I am Ms. Groot” impression.