Motorcycle jackets deemed cool again

Leather with armor is great. Most inexpensive leather motorcycle jackets use a more flexible garment leather and don’t have armor. These are more about motorcycle fashion and not really about motorcycle function.

I was shopping for jackets last spring and I was surprised at how many had gun pockets. Last time I bought a jacket, I don’t remember that being as common.

When in LA last month, I just had to buy some kind of hat to shield me from the sun. First store I ran into happened to carry Bailey straw fedoras. Never thought I’d ever wear a fedora, but they fit perfectly and look really nice. So I bought one, and it actually went OK with the leather jacket I was wearing!

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I think all this fashion crap is targeted at not me. I frequently get compliments on my style and asked where I got my clothing, every time I pass a youth hostel or am walking around a part of a city that has a high homeless population. I’m happier this way than when I wore Oxxford suits to work.


My undergrads often compliment my fashions, and when they ask where I got them my answer is invariably: “The 80s…”

Oldsters. :wink:


And the band that was playing at the Planet Hollywood when I was last there asked me about where I got my old leather jacket!

“How did you get your jacket to look like that?” makes me laugh. I ride a motorcycle, worn is how a jacket looks after 10,000 miles. Pecard leather dressing helps.


Or just wear it almost every day from spring to autumn for a couple of years. I recently had the inner lining replaced and sew in denim pockets and protectors for the areas that wear out the most, so it looks even cooler now.

But this leather dressing stuff is something I should take a closer look at, thanks!

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That stuff re-blacked my jacket and brought out the age very nicely.

I should have done it sooner.

My BMW Safari jacket has seen many many miles but those miles are taking their toll. I usually don’t fit well in most riding jackets–too tall and thin. Anyone here ever purchase a custom jacket? Recommendations? Z Custom Leathers used to be my goto for riding gear, but they’re gone now even though my touring boots are still going strong.

I have “replaced the lining” that was once in my leather jacket by wearing a hoodie under it.

No offense, but ewwww. That and Polo or Brut.

I wore Pierre Cardin. Of course, I’m still using the Donna Karan DKNY because I love it so much. And my head swivel is White Linen.

Okay, yeah, I’ve managed to wear leather jackets stylishly during
several very different phases of my life. I wore the during the 90s when it was apparently not fashionable (no one bothered to tell me or any of my friends…). Most interestingly, the exact
same leather jacket 20 years ago, and after a long stint in my stored
belongings that followed me around the country for many years, usually 2
steps behind, again quite recently.

But the reason I’m posting this
perfectly fitting for my own personal sense of style.

Where is it from? How can I acquire it? The Google doesn’t help me at all and my Google-Fu is usually strong (I’m a professional advice columnist). Please tell me!!! Even knowing where the photo came from might help.

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The image posted might be altered, but the jacket is from this company .

May be a start at least.

(ETA: Not sure why the initial link didn’t work.)

I think it’s a photoshopped or customized Schott jacket.

Schott jacket designer

eta: shopped. the end of the zipper is visible below the Kitty logo


Awesome!!! Just the information I was looking for. I love you commenters of BoingBoing!!!


And we love you, new member!

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There was never a time when a basic black leather jacket wasn’t cool.

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Erisis, though I shooped the Kitty jacket pictures, it would be easy to have the real one made by Schott through their website, then buy a hello kitty patch, and have a local tailor wed the two!


Come be one of us, then! We have tons of fun here!


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