Motorcycle Jeans and Adventure Pants


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Adventure, ADV - super up and coming, very popular riding style. Think about flying to the alps, renting a BMW GS one MILLION (or however big they are now) and riding all over the place.

Think Charlie and his pal Ewan on “long way round”

and no, those were the ugliest pair i’ve ever seen. If you are truly gonna ADV ride? Aerostich or Klim. and you are not wearing them to work meetings.

wear the stich for the ride, with street clothes under it… then leave it in your office before a meeting

Departing Loreto, Baja, MEX for a 1200 mile < 24 hour ride home - including highway, dirt and fun

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Adventure Pants? Huh, I thought you were just happy to see me.


I haven’t ridden in many years, but when I did, I didn’t wear armor. I kept a helmet on the bike as required by law (but in those days you didn’t have to actually wear it).

It was an adventure in any pants!

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Yeah if I start commuting on the bike much more often I will have to start a fund to get a stitch as they seem to be a lot less hassle to get in/out of.

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Now THESE are Adventure Pants…er–shorts…



so, this may be stirring up shit, but the question is just waiting to be asked: on the Hood jeans, will all that Kevlar stop a bullet?

I’m… asking for a friend.

no kevlar vests work because of layers and plates. in MC clothes, it is to hold the clothes together in case of abrasion, so the CE armor stays in place to help with impact.

aha, OK, that makes sense.

I’ve got a pair of Sliders jeans (internal patches of aramid) and someone else’s, I think from Dainese, that is more fully lined. I like the basic look of denim but I find both of these hot for typical So Cal weather. The aramid fabric tends to chafe my bare knees. Both of them are slightly puffy-looking and somewhat ‘frumpy’ compared to regular jeans. I know, still a massive improvement in looks over typical motorcycle pants (I used to wear black Joe Rocket Phoenix pants, then Motoport Cordura pants, and now a one-piece Roadcrafter Light in ‘nuclear power plant worker’ yellow).

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They could quite benefit from 3Do inserts over the knees and maybe hips.

I was actually expecting something about KidLit. Ya know, something to read after you grew out of Captain Underpants. Motorcycle Jeans and Adventure Pants. Kinda disappointed.


I did not test them but these have brilliant feedbacks and look really good

Depends on the range and caliber, as usual. Will it stop a .22 short at extreme range? Yes, and so will my leather jacket. Will it stop a teflon-jacketed round from a 30.06 at point blank range? No, and neither will most nominally “bulletproof” Kevlar vests. But, again as usual, if you’re going to get shot, you’re probably better off wearing armor than not. At least it’ll protect you from mostly spent rounds.

The question is, are you going into a situation where the tiresome encumbrance of the armor is worth the possibility of limited protection?


The teflon coating won’t help it going through the vest, that’s a myth. It’s there for the barrel and maybe for less ricocheting, would have to check.

Didn’t know that. I thought the teflon provided better lubrication than molten lead?

I literally chewed through kevlar on a bet when I was younger and had sharper teeth…

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