Clear knee mom jeans


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Clear plastic jeans

For moms with knee tats?? WTF?

I suppose they are for moms who have trouble getting their toes into the pant leg so that they make it to the bottom cuff without poking thru prematurely after a night of heavy drinking.

…trip proof clear knee mom jeans.


Huh. One could wear those on sunny days and get some really weird tan lines.


Moms these days…


I’m laughing and crying at the same time.


Per that photo, I never knew that “Olive Oyl right out of the shower” is what it’d take to get me to buy jeans with transparent knee panels, but marketing’s a magical thing.


I had the opposite reaction. She is beautiful and those still look bad even on her. I think the concept could work. But something about the execution of these jeans just doesn’t seem right.


My jeans always seem to wear out on the knees. So really, they’re doing me a favor to remove that excess, soon-to-be-bare denim and replace it with…um…plastic?


Hollywood had a similar idea 35 years ago…


There’s a way to work a “knee jerk” comment around this, I just know it. Unfortunately the change to DST has scrambled my brain too much to compose it.


What about people whose jeans wear out in the crotch first?


In all my years on this earth, I swear that my knees have always been unnaturally dry. These jeans should clear that up and give me permanently sweaty knees, and I can call my life complete.


There probably already exist jeans with a crotch window, but I sure as fuck ain’t lookin’ that up.


There’s something wrong with me. My strongest objection to these jeans involve the high waist.


Designer’s like “okay, it looks disturbing enough, but will it crack into sharp and curled fragments? Fantastic.”


I find it hard to believe that plastic will be as durable as those iron on patches we used to get down at the lingering, run down, five and dime.


I’m looking up crotch window jeans, because that’s the default state with crotch window jeans.


I had a dim memory of seeing a trailer for that, but I wasn’t sure whether it was real, or something from Kentucky Fried Movie…


I wanna say probably not with a plastic crotch window, but hell this is the internet, that probably exists too.


I never knew that having plastic stuck to my legs as soon as I sweat even a little bit was the feel of the future.