Clear plastic jeans


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Just the thing to go with those clear plastic boxers I got.

They're $100 and come waist sizes from 24 to 34.
Damn. I'm a 36. But I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see me in clear plastic jeans anyway.


Please don’t let them come in “skinny fit”. Please don’t let them come in “skinny fit”. Please don’t let them come in “skinny fit”…


Somewhere in Rock & Roll Heaven, Prince is wearing a pair of these right now, and looking fine.


“I don’t need more people to squint at my junk”, he said transparently.


Soon to be mandatory when flying, courtesy TSA.


Should be ideal for situations like these:


Man, I’m so ahead of the curve! I was wearing plastic pants fifty-something years ago. (Not so stylish, and decorated with duckies or whatever.)


So, their tagline isn’t “Never let them see you sweat.”



He’d look much better without underwear.


Nothing to see here. Move along…


Wear socks and sandals and no one will notice.


Wait… can jeans be plastic? Wouldn’t these just be plastic pants?


As it’s a UK company, no.

Pants are (under)pants here. I’d rather not see any of those made of clear plastic.


Remember the Movie So Fine?



“I can clearly see you’re nuts.”