Motorcycle pants I actually wear


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Another solution is to just get a Roadcrafter and wear normal clothes underneath. I can ride somewhere and squeeze my suit into a pannier and leave it with the bike when I go eat, walk around or whatever. Daily commuter and going this route has really simplified things.


Is that actually what they say? Since the brand also has pants with the names of states that were also American Battleships (Arizona, Montana, etc.) it is more than likely that the Yamato name comes from the original Japanese Battleship and not the anime ship. Yes, they are both the same ship but I doubt the Italian company uses an anime to name their item after.

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The armor may provide some protection for the split second of initial impact, but the cotton fabric will disintegrate almost instantly and then the armor will no longer be attached to your body. Dainese should be ashamed of themselves for calling these motorcycle pants. They will offer almost no protection in a crash.


It actually is the same ship, though. They raised the battleship Yamato and rebuilt it into a starship.

So if it’s named after either one, it’s named after both.

Doctor Sane told me so. Friendly little hippo feller.

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Sorry, can’t bring myself to click on your junk to watch.

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Some guy at Revzilla, please.

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@abenormal @jlw

Rideapart does a good motorcycle denim roundup. The dainese jeans do not do well.

We’re just unimpressed with Dainese’s denim offerings. Perhaps it’s the too-Euro styling or the lack of innovation and technical excellence which otherwise defines the brand.

I wonder how long a belt sander would last against your leg before it tore through the cotton and flung the knee pad out of the way. There are much better options out there.

Revzilla really is awesome. Please avoid using your local bike shop as a show/fitting room before purchasing from revzilla; otherwise they’ll be gone soon. Where I live there’s such a small market that shopping for motorcycle clothes feels like going to winners or value village. You’re lucky if you can find your size and luckier if you can find a matching set.

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Seconded. I wear Aerostich’s Darien pants, which is basically a waterproof bottom half of a Roadcrafter. That allows me to wear normal clothes underneath, and I know I’ll be protected & dry.
I’ve worn mine for 10 years rain or shine & have crashed in them, so I know they work.
They also take less room than a helmet, so wherever you’re going, they zip right off & stow in a small bag, in a drawer, saddlebag, wherever.
Besides, what do you wear the other 6 days of the week?

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I second the Darien pants for ride to work wear. For all day riding, however, I go with the Triumph “jeans” pants, which, while shiney, do look like black jeans.

I went Rukka Armas, haven’t looked back. Fairly sure I can run into the Yamato at full till and laugh it off.

i TRY to be all gear all the time… I TRY…

it’s been beaten like a dead horse here, but I’ll say it again - 'stitch. over clothes, remove for work.

i resisted for YEARS.
I wore full vanson race leathers and carried work clothes in a pack.
I wore heavy (stormtrooper) clothes to work
I sweated my ass off in TX heat.

I moved to NorCal, got a stitch, and will wear it over a suit if the meeting is that important.

the battleship pants are just lovely - they’d last about 2 seconds when you fall. (and you ONLY fall “that day” that day you only had a quick errand…

stitch. -

and shop local.

(here’s what it looks like when you fall in normal jeans)

As I mentioned in my post, yes they are the same ship. Although it depends on what version you are talking about. Since between the original series and now deep sea exploration has shown that the keel of the original Yamato was broken too much to be useable as a space faring vessel. The latest version (Space Battleship Yamato 2199 which is quite excellent and I recommend it to everyone) updated this fact by building a NEW ship underneath the wreck of the original to hide it from the Gamilias.

So unless we get conformation from the company that they used the anime to name it after, I am sticking with it is named after the original WWII ship.

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Old school riding pants where nothing more than heavy denim jeans with grease rubbed in everywhere except the lower butt and inside of the leg. They were almost impossible to tear or rip and provided protection to the rider which only leather could match. They called those jeans greasers. Not only does the term refer to the grease in the jeans but also aviation slang for a smooth landing.

Talking to some very old riders, there is still debate whether the term greaser, when referring to a person, refers to their hair or their jeans.

It’s amazing the things older people can tell you that can’t be found on the internet.


I love how language changes and meaning carries on while the origin is gone.


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