Not the heavy duty work pants I was looking for


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I used to get their catalog and found them delightful. They opened up a brick an mortar near me but haven’t stopped in.

I dare say you should go to Duluths site if you want to get their stuff.


The post links them directly.


What the hell is a “thong butler”?


You rang, sir?


Maybe that’s what they call the “search team” as in this review:

"Girlfriend almost pissed herself when I came out the bathroom for sexy time.

NOTE: be careful . This thing will climb up your butt crack so far . You have to send a search team in to remove it."


Seems “Thong Butler” is a thing:


Very much second @jlw’s recommendation of Duluth’s fire hose pants.

They will outlast a half dozen pairs of regular denim jeans, so even though they are expensive, if you are prone to destroying jeans they are cost-effective.

Be aware that they are thick, heavy and stiff until you break them in.


machine wash a few times. crumple into a ball. Then wear and wear and wear.


[quote=“jlw, post:1, topic:122212”]
Collared Bow Tie[/quote]

I’m not seeing that in the product photo…maybe the bow tie doesn’t go where I thought? ;-/


Uh - sorry - I am at work and didn’t want to click on that mine field…



There was a reddit thread EXACTLY like this on I got to researching European brands of work gear that are actually made in the EU (and thus not junky knock off watered down stuff). Here’s what I found:

** blaklader 481613709900 Toughguy Pile Lined Jacket $110
** or: $100
** or: $76
** or: $220

I was looking for jackets, but the same brands obviously offer pants. Here’s your chance to cosplay as a Swedish firefighter :slight_smile:


They also have women’s cuts, which I recommend. I can’t see any damage at all, after 5+ years.




I’m lazy, I just go straight to the wear and wear and wear step :slight_smile:

My first pair is faded and showing damage at the heels and pocket edges, but the knees are still whole despite 3 years of pretty extreme abuse.


Don’t they have a lifetime replacement guarantee if they wear out?

Seems they are good about replacements for up to 1 year? I thought I’ve heard Filson/Coach style stories of “I sent them my 30 year old item and they fixed it for the cost of shipping.”


Well, Jason. . . what else were you looking at recently that might’ve brought up those sexy pants?


Happy to find that they have a store in my state of Va. Ironically located in Manassas.


Boing Boing? :slight_smile: