Mountainside suicide baffles UK

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The article makes it clear that the UK doesn’t have enough cameras.


I’m baffled too.

I try to use baffles too

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How awful. One has to assume he didn’t do his homework, and so didn’t know it’s a bad way to go. Who would choose such an experience?

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total conjecture, but some people view suffering as a type of penance or self punishment.

his goal might not have been to go painlessly but rather the opposite, although the location would to me suggest he was seeking out a place in nature and likely wanted to pass peacefully, again total conjecture.


My theory is that the man was an Agatha Christie fan, and his dying wish was to create a new mystery.


Not quite this, though

Skeuomorphic baffles?

Going into that part of the Peak to top himself - probably a Morrissey fan.

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Or this:


Or Elliot Smith.

Part of it may be age. Strychnine used to be a much more commonly known and used toxin. He’s described as an “old” man. Perhaps an older gent without a lot of scientific background. Perhaps without access to other less ghastly toxins. As far as we know, he may be from an older generation where the first deadly toxins that come to mind are arsenic and strychnine…


My first thought was that he didn’t realize there were strychnine pills in the container, which was for legitimate medication.


Strange to consume a bottle of thyroxine at the top of a mountain though.


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