MoveOn tells Sanders to move on

We’re not necessarily discussing different things. You mention a poll of moveon members, I’m discussing the leaders of the organization, those making this statement

One was a direct ask of their members, the more recent is the director speaking as the members.


Moveon seemed to really be all-in for Bernie during the campaign. When they announced the results of the poll, it was pretty clear that it had gone in the direction they had hoped. I’m not sure what evidence you have that the Moveon leaders weren’t really behind Bernie.


I was curious if the leadership had made any statements beyond the poll.

Indict. Ignite my delight. Grinning with spite. Champion, hair white.
The FBI is a repub. When Hilary is closer, her chances he’ll flub.
You think we are losing you think we live a fantasy.
But if you want hail the orange one, then vote Hilary.


In the statement, Sheyman applauded Sanders for revolutionizing “politics as we know it” with his grassroots campaign and insisted that “the policies Bernie has advanced should be included in the Democratic platform.”

Well that’s just the problem now, isn’t it. His policies are so antithetical to what Clinton is all about that they’re much, much more likely to simply be ignored.


Surrealist poetry thread is that way.


Except for most of them that is, which are almost exactly the same. Of course there were a couple of big differences in a few areas, but for the most part they’re on the same page.


I’ve moved on.

To the Greens.


Clinton should offer Bernie the VP slot, that solves all the agony all they way around. If he refuses, then call it a day and “MoveOn”.


I’m impressed by how so many TPM commentors are privy to Bernie’s innermost thoughts and motivations… uncanny


I’m tempted to respond with a simple eye-roll gif, but I’ll say a bit more instead: (their) actions speak louder than (their) words. I’ll add just one illustrative example/contrast: can you honestly imagine Clinton appointing Cornel West to anything?


I don’t see the harm in staying in an waiting for the FBI to weigh in on if any laws were broken in regard to her email server.

If the FBI recommend that she be indicted, then it’s appropriate to contest this race at the convention.


Did MoveOn execs poll the 340,665 members who back Sanders before conveying their beliefs that he should drop out? If not, it’s Congressional Black Caucus all over again.


MoveOn was founded to oppose the call for Bill Clinton’s impeachment over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. They are, and always have been, shills for the Clintons.


Yes, it basically comes down to a fight over policy now more than the actual nomination. Sanders isn’t going to officially give in until he gets some concessions, and I’m guessing he didn’t get what he wanted in his meeting with Obama yesterday. It’s true that on a lot of issues they aren’t that far apart, but on some that are important to Sanders, such as banking reform, campaign finance reform, the TPP, minimum wage, Sanders probably wants to see more robust commitments.


I thought their meeting was tomorrow?


Yes, you’re right–my confusion.

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I’m OK with Bernie staying in the race one more week just because I think it’s messed up when American voters don’t even get a chance to participate in the Primaries. But I’ve accepted that more Democratic voters seem to be backing Clinton than Sanders even if some parts of the process are kind of shady. Bernie was my favored candidate, but he didn’t win. Women and minorities are digging Hillary more and I won’t begrudge them that.

I agree with Bernie’s earlier statement to the effect that “on her worst day, Clinton would be a better President than Trump on his best day.” Sanders doesn’t want Trump in the White House and neither do I.


I don’t think those images are illustrative of much in particular, we’re talking about their policies. We know for a fact that much of their stated policies are very similar, we don’t know for a fact how genuinely each of them believes in those policies (Sanders may have held back on some policies, Clinton may have pushed beyond what she would normally have gone for on some), we also don’t know how likely either of them would be to enact any of their policies for various practical reasons. We can only really speculate as to how the latter two factors would have played out under either presidency, your original post was simply factually inaccurate.


I’ve been told repeatedly that Sanders support isn’t actually coming from “real” democrats, so what’s the problem? It’s not like he’s costing the party any actual Democratic votes.