Movie about crack mayor Rob Ford to star mediocre male reporter instead of brilliant woman one who investigated him

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It looks like a project with many layers of no.


So…uh…is Platt’s nonpology also a bit of mansplaining (kind of a double dipping of dickishness)?


Was that supposed to make her feel better?


perhaps the point was missed by him?


Am I missing something or maybe the actor shouldn’t be held responsible for casting and writing changes? Don’t get me wrong he should not have responded with such a clueless tweet but the mistake was made long before he came on board.


The production would have anticipated criticism for “you turned a woman into a man” and prepared him with a response to that particular objection. But it didn’t anticipate “you supplanted a real woman with a fictional man to justify a male lead” because it thinks that doing that a) was OK, and b) too subtle to articulate an effective complaint against.

By answering “you supplanted a real woman with a fictional man” with the obvious response to “you turned a woman into a man”, however, the actor inadvertantly collapses the context of the casting. This may be because he’s stupid, but I don’t know the guy and couldn’t possibly judge.


I don’t see anyone blaming him for the casting decision, but his tweet sure was stupid. And he is responsible for being an idiot publicly.

It is an interesting question what responsibility one bears for the jobs one accepts.


ok thanks, my bad mood is probably getting me to read more into it than is there.

There are too many good movies to see them all. Thanks again to boingboing, I can miss this movie now with a clear conscience.


Geez, I thought dude was in Pitch Perfect, not Clueless.

Casting decisions & writing choices were above his pay grade, & happened way before he was ever hired; he should have just kept quiet.


Nicole Kidman played a character named “Diane Arbus,” she WAS in the movie, a little.
Yep, still pissed.

There’s only one movie about Rob Ford that we need, and it already exists, and he’s the star. Spoiler: it’s the one where he smokes crack.


Are you sure you are on the right Internet? This is the terran one.


Imagine if instead of casting Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Woodward & Bernstein in All the President’s Men they simply “alluded” to the Washington Post investigation while making the hero of the story an entitled young intern played by a pretty blonde lady who never bothered to read the book.


If by “her” you meant Robyn Doolittle, yes, it should to some degree at least. Based on the tweet this isn’t an attempt to give Platt’s character credit for the investigation, but about telling the story from the perspective of an outsider, a non-entity in the grander scheme.

The complaint that the story should have been told from the perspective of Doolittle with a female lead may be more relevant, but I think it may be worth waiting for the actual movie for a judgment on that.

I should probably know better, but I honestly have to ask:

Why should it “make her feel better” about such erasure?


star mediocre male reporter

A scene with both of them piping up would be nice, since they diverged from the truth already.

Yeah, I’m unclear on what the plot actually is, now - is it about how Ford did not get brought down by this imaginary, incompetent reporter? The film focuses on this guy doing nothing, why?

At minimum. Though I’m reminded of Ed Skrein’s response to people pointing out that he’d been cast in a white-washed part. He quit so “so the role can be cast appropriately.”

We can only (try to) imagine that, because it would never, ever happen, of course.


I remember hearing about that.

It was an impressive show of core values and personal integrity, but such high standards are generally very rare in the movie industry, just from what I’ve seen.