Movie Pass is gearing up for its return

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In the late 90’s movie theaters had no issues filling seats. The problem was, the movie pass customers were much less profitable than normal ticket purchasers. Theaters ended their cooperation with these pass programs because they could make more money without them.

It seems like the difference between then and today is the fact that theaters aren’t filling all their seats anymore. So, those less profitable movie pass customers now seem quite appetizing to the theaters when compared to empty seats!

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The last time we went to a chain theater (pre-plague) we were subject to over 35 minutes of previews and commercials. Fuck that.

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I’m making good use of the $20/mo AMC Stubs A-list program which lets me see 3 movies a week in 34 states, which for my purposes is equivalent to unlimited. Everything qualifies: latest releases, 3d, laser projection theaters, Dolby theaters. I don’t know why this hasn’t been getting more attention given that the terms are almost as good as the former MoviePass.

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